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Will Miho

Oct 9, 2012
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DM4800 DM24
Since you can't buy the cascade cables anymore you have to roll your own. These are the pinouts required on a standard DB25 connector.


  • DM Cascade cable pinout Blowup.png
    DM Cascade cable pinout Blowup.png
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  • DM Cascade cable PW1000CS.PDF
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Hey Will, Thanks for posting this. Is the maximum length 110cm or can you make it a bit longer?
That's the spec of the Tascam cable, but I made mine slightly longer repurposing another cable.
If anyone is interested I sent this pinout to "Black Box Network Services" in the UK along with £76.80 (inc post and VAT). They built me a 1.5 meter cascade cable and it's working great.
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I wouldn't pay $80 for a DB25!
It's not a standard DB25 cable and $80 is a steal next to my best quote of $170 provided that it is done correctly.
You buy a standard cable and only have to resolder 9 wires. Dude. What kind of audio guy are you? ;)

- W
Go for it

I have a working cascade cable for sale. If you need it, just contact me and I will send it.
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