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Jun 15, 2013
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Anyone know if it is possible to cascade from a Tascam Dm 4800 (master) and a DM3200 (slave)? sorry English is that I am from Brazil! Thank you!
This question is often asked. Unfortunately impossible. Only can cascade same models
They can't be cascaded but can't they be linked via the TDIFs?
hello, I can not use the Tdifs to cascade because I'm using them plugged in u X48 for recording. because this equipment is mounted inside a truck as a mobile recording unit.
hey, that slutty, of course not found in textbooks. Will update if firmeware 2 does not work?
When you cascade mixers, it links the aux sends and master buses. You cannot do this with different models of mixers. I asked this question and Tascam said no. You can connect the two mixers together of course, and I have done this with a DM4800 and a DM24 so I could have more faders available. Doing live remote webcasts mixes while also recording in Cubase, in Steve Remote's "Breadtruck."

I would connect both your DM4800 and DM3200 via TDIF to the X48. The DM3200 would be the "Sidecar." 5 TDIF cables carrying 40 channels of miclines into and back out of the X48. All mic/lines inputs on both consoles would assigned directly to the TDIF outs using the "input bypass" routing function, and also to the input side of channel faders. The TDIF ins would be on your channel return side. This way you can multi track without EQ or other processing, and do a live 2 track mix as well. I would use the AES or SPDIF digital out of the DM3200 to return it's 2 track mix bus into the DM4800 and assign that to a lower layer (maybe faders 49 and up.)

If you need aux sends married, use assignable outs on the Dm3200 and assignable ins on the Dm4800. FX I would just use inside each board. When you want playback, you switch all your channels to the return side ins, which are the TDIF returns from the X48. You can record the rehearsal and tweak your mix preshow on playback this way, and it will sound the same.

Assuming the band plays the same twice in a row, of course. ;)

Good luck.
Guys thanks for the help this is very valid;
I'll explain a little mehor design of remote recording "Fly Audio".
Use the 2 mixers 1 Dm4800 and 1 DM3200. Dm in 4800 have 4 plates expanção. 1 IF-SM/Dm, 1 IF-AE/DM and 2 IF-Ad/DM. And DM 3200 have 1 IF-Ad/DM and 1 IF-FW/DM. Connected in Adat inputs have 3 Focusrite OctoPre Dy, and 2 Pressonus D8. The doors Tdiff 6 (3 Dm Dm4800 and 3 Dm3200) go to X48, The Adat outputs go to 2 Mx 2424 with Adat cards. Inserts the mixers turned into Direct Out and sent to 3 Alesis HD24 for recording BackUp, and the outputs of the Focusrite OctoPre and Pressonus D8 will also entries for the HD24. So this way I record 72 ch (48ch in X48 and 24 in Mx2424) with 72 ch Backup (in 3 Alesis HD24).

The project idea is to have the possibility to Live Mixing in surround and stereo for live broadcast TV, Radio and Internet. Therefore the Board If-Sm/Dm that is connected to a monitoring system Genelec 8030, and the board is IF-AE/Dm to send to the mobile unit of video Mixing Live Stereo and Surround.

My new questions:

Clock. At first I thought to do everything via Word Clock I did a test yesterday but it did not work very well. I used the X48 as a master and the rest as Slave Bridge passing from one to another equipment. Any tips on how to clock the equipment more efficiently?

Time Code. In Input Panel Truck has an input Time Code, which will connect the X48 to receive cable and RS422 sends to Dm4800. How to send the Mx2424 and the DM3200?

again sorry for the English I have to study more to his tongue. and thank you for aid.


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Try the X48 as the Master Clock over the TDIF to both boards, not the wordclock connector. A lot of why I would want the TDIFs to the X48 - definitely. This is one of the reasons I love TDIF on Tascam gear, it just works and you don't need extra cables.

You can use my setup for surround as well if you think about it. I would try to limit tracking to a simple 40 input setup (maybe stretched out a little) but in principle for a live broadcast mix I want a fader for every track on the surface layer. That's my rule anyway.

I would start without all the outboard pres first, maybe build them in later after everything is working without them. They eat your inputs and aren't so much better than the tascam's.

What does help for broadcast more than other micpres I think is maybe outboard compressor/limiters on groups - and a Cranesong HEDD on the 2 track mix is really sweet!

Good luck.
Here's a link to a 32 track live remote webcast/recording I did with a DM4800 and DM24. Only outboard was an Alan Smart Compressor Limiter, and the Cranesong HEDD on the 2 bus, the micpres and all processing/reverbs were in the DM4800 or DM24.
The micpres and converters are good enough that micpre quality is less of an issue for me than trouble free seamless operation.
By the way, you cannot cascade 2 DM's (same model) using a TDIF cable, the wiring is completly different.

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