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Apr 18, 2014
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Tascam DP02
Hi... I have a Tascam dp02,.. and write my own stuff,.. I like doing harmony vocals,.. so if anyone has a finished song with only thier own vocal on,.. I would like to do some backing vocals... even help with Lyrics... thanx.. Tally
Hi Tally - how great that you can sing! I could ONCE...but at this point in life, when I sing, I sound like a cat in a blender in a Cessna with engine trouble...
However, I am a modestly capable musician, can write a bit, and am fairly well equipped...

I have a nice pic of the studio, but can't upload it - AND it appears that photobucket (where I have some photos stored) has now gone subscription-only - and it's not quite worth paying to store a handful of photos. Sorry.

But - am interested in collaboration - have occasionally taken a single guitar riff and turned it into a jam...those - and my own stuff - are at SoundClick (

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