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Feb 6, 2013
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I have an Avalon AD2022 preamp and I recently purchased a DM3200 board which I am learning how to use! What is the best way to connect the preamp to the board? I saw on another post about using a Hosa DTF-803 cable for connecting a preamp. Will the TDIF accept an analog signal? Sorry if I sound ignorant but I am learning! Thanks!
First, what output options are available on the AD2022? If there's a 'digital' option, that's the best one to take.

TDIF (Tascam Digital InterFace) is one of several formats of conveying digital audio ;ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) is another. SPDIF (Sony Pioneer Digital Interface) is yet another. Each format features various advantages and limitations.
However, all of them are preferable to simply plugging a 1/4" analog jack into your DM - if the analog-digital conversion (A/D) is rock solid.

Your Tascam board is equipped with first rate converter chips; the preamps are also excellent. My suggestion: because you're still learning your way around the DM, you might consider first learning how to use the onboard preamps before taking the next step with an outboard preamp like the Avalon. That will provide you a basis for comprehending the DM's vast routing matrix.

Please don't misunderstand; there's nothing wrong with that Avalon. But putting a horse before the cart might cause undue frustration when starting out. But, if you're impatient, then - yes - TDIF will convey digital output directly into the
(T)ascam TDIF input. TDIF isn't 'analog' as you're assuming.

I would start out connecting the Avalon analog to either a line or mic input, so no sample clocks need to be synced. The DM preamps are quite neutral anyway, I wouldn't suspect them to add any extra color.

(S/PDIF is Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format BTW, Capt...)
Hey Thanks for the replies! I really appreciate the advice! What I want to do is bypass the preamps on the board. The outputs are XLR balanced outs. Nothing digital. Thanks again!
To bypass the DM's pres, you've got two choices:

1. Insert the 1/4" jack from the Avalon 1/2 CLICK into a DM's preamp INSERT.

2. Use the Assignable Returns.

Either way, you'll lose a few DBs of gain because the inserts and assignable returns are unbalanced inputs. This isn't a big deal; makeup gain can be applied in the console.

As Arjan said, the DM's pres are essentially neutral; you could plug directly into those inputs, decreasing the preamp's gain pot to zero. Personally, I use the inserts for my outboard preamp.

OK thank you very much for your help!!

I just bought my first external mic pre and want to make sure I've understood the instruction correctly on this post. . Here's my setup:
  • Dm3200, firewire card, into a pc running protools on windows 10.
My new preamp is the Focusrite ISA Two and want to use it in the most 'optimal' way as my main external preamp. It seems it only has XLR outputs so ill need 2 XLR to 1/4 cables. XLR from the preamp output into the the 1/4 inserts on the DM console. And then rather than pushing the 1/4 cable in all the way, I only push into the insert half way? is that correct? it seems rather odd, this is why I'm double checking. Yes I want to bypass the DM's preamps ideally.

And lastly, once this is all connected how do I increase the makeup gain in the console.

Many Thanks.
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@Darryn That's right - by inserting halfway, you are only connecting the signal from your preamp to the return line of the insert, which is the last analog stage in the DM. If you take a look at the DM block diagram top left corner, you'll see how that works at the 'MIC/LINE 1-16' schematics box.

By doing this, there is no more analog trim, so any make up gain should be done digitally in the mixer (or try to increase the output of your preamp).
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