Connecting remote mics to DM


Oct 6, 2012
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There is now a nice grand piano in another part of the building .
My studio with a DM is about 100 feet away.

Any ideas on a noninvasive way to connect and record the piano.
Normal cable runs would not be possible.
I'm wondering about cat 5 etc.
I'd also need to send a cue mix to the pianist.
I've been looking at many alternatives, but I want to first ask the brain trust here.

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I've never used it, so I don't know what kind of latency might be introduced by wireless mics and phones... An if the latency might be different between the two. But you could always easily compensate for that in the DAW, if you chose.
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Thanks for that info.
Wish I was running Cubase for this purpose.
Sounds like a great system.
My opinion: the 'grandaddy' of interweb music production was the long gone 'Esessions.' Not only did they provide 'Virtual Mirror' (for those needing to see their carbon life form collaborators in real time), but they featured a roster of world class talent. It was a very effective, slick format but - for some fiscal reason - the enterprise collapsed in 2011. And as far as I can tell, nothing of its equal has replaced it.

RIP: Esessions. :(

Thanks, Layer-Status.
That looks like a great solution.
Much appreciation.

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