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Oct 19, 2012
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DM 4800
Hello All,

I messed something up w the remote layer, I have one Mackie control and two extenders but the all three control the same channels so if I move channel 1 channels 9 and 17 also move, I have then set in the prefs box for midi in/out 5 6 and 7 is this correct ??? appreciate all your help, Like I said I had it working I dont know if I changed something or what ????

Oh I am running Sonar X1 with windows 7, sorry
Sounds like the issue is a setting in Sonar. I'm not familiar with that app, but you should have a device menu where HUI/Mackie commands are sent/received. Check to be sure the same three banks (I'm assuming in your DM4800) are compatible with the settings in Sonar. If not, adjust them so they are.

hello , yes I am running the DM4800, In reading one of the manuals on here it states that the in out should be 567 of the USB port I think I have mine sent out of the Midi Ports ???
Yes - the HUI/Mackie controls are sent/received over USB ports 5,6,7. Those are the same ports which need to be designated in the DAW - ie - Sonar. Could be that you've got only one of those ports enabled, and that's why you don't have control over the three banks as you should.

Hello and thanks, I checked things out I have Midi in and outs for Tascam but I dont see anything in Sonar showing USB midi in and outs ?? is something missing ???
Again, I'm not familiar with Sonar. However, if the Tascam is installed on your computer, those USB ports should show up as options in one of Sonar's setup menus - ie: "devices," or something like that. Once you've discovered that menu, you'd enable USB ports 5/6/7 for your control banks.

Unless somebody who uses Sonar can help you, you'll have to refer to Sonar's Help menu or manual to find out where external HUI/Mackie devices are accessed, how the USB ports are chosen for Mackie control.

You need one Mackie controll and two extenders. On channel 5,6 &7. USB was implemented so multiple midi channels could be used over USB.

In the manual section I have uploaded a setup guide with Sonar if I'm not mistaken...

I know. Reading is a job...
you will also need to confingure in sonar the range 9-16 and 17-24 for each XT from the first Mackie selection.
I am frustrated I see tascam MIDI in and outs and I can control 3 sets of 8 faders but they are all redundant when I move 1, 9 17 all move I know you have to turn the encoder above the channel but this is not doing anything, Ive also lost my MTC on the MU meter bridge, I guess its frustrating because it all worked perfect until I moved it, hasnt worked since, oh well , Ill keep plugging away.. I would suspect that once it is all set in the DM it should never change. but each project would have to be setup in SOnar the same way using a template its all new to me so itl take awhile.. not to mention the ADD kicks in from time to time rendering me useless !!!! LOL
This will happen every once in a while. I will close and save a project working just fine for a meal. When I come back I have to configure my control surface and fader layers all over again. Sometimes the midi channels are blank in the control surfaces for Mackie and the Mackie XTs sometimes all the fader banks are just associated with 1-8 but will move the corresponding faders (both tactile and virtual) in the other banks. I use the same template for each project in sonar and the same project for the DM3200. It is a mystery and a frustration when it happens.

Sorry not much help rememdy wise. But you are not alone.

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