DA-20 mk2 Input Level Knob replacement?

Discussion in 'DV-RA1000 and DV-RA1000HD Recorders' started by Arjan P, Jan 17, 2018.

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    Oct 2012
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    OK, so there's not really a section on the forum that I can see to ask about old DAT-recorders, but I think this is pretty close.. (Maybe this section could be named 'Stereo Master Recorders'?)

    I recently bought a used DA-20 mk2 to be able to transfer old mixes on DAT to PC for archiving, but mostly because some need to be remastered and I apparently don't have the raw mix anymore.

    Anyway, the DA-20 is working fine but the Input Level knob on the front of the unit is missing. Not that I plan on using it, but it looks so crippled with just the potmeter sticking out. Does anyone know what size this knob should be to order from, say, Conrad in Europe?