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Sep 12, 2013
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four DA-38s DM3200
I have 4 DA-38s daisy chained. I recently bought a DM 3200. How do I hook up the 4 DA-38s to the DM 3200 board. There are three TDIF ports and a TDIF cascade port. Do I have to buy a TDIF expansion card so that each DA-38 has its own TDIF port? Can I go from one TDIF port to the 4 DA-38s daisy chained? I would be grateful if someone with experience would tell me how it works. Thanks in advance.
You'll need one IF-TD/DM card inserted in one of the 2 option slots. $229 at B&H.
Each DA-38 connects to the DM-3200 individually. 3 directly and one to the optioncard. You'll need 4 TDIF cables, and the 3 15 pin cables to cascade the control ports of the DA-38s.

The cascade port is only to connect to DM-3200s together, it is not TDIF format.
Thank you RedBus for the fast and clear reply. I'm gonna give it a try ASAP.

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