DAW as Master 788 as Slave?


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Jul 21, 2013
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788 portastudio
Hi! My 788's overheated for the last time. I'm not going to chance taking it on the road with me any longer. My idea was to get a DAW, sync it to the 788 via midi interface, trigger it via the DAW while recording it track by track. This way I'll have my prerecorded material off my 788 & onto my Mac. (hopefully this makes sense). I tried this with GarageBand & Audacity- no midi sync. I then tried demos of both Reaper & Ableton- both of which have midi sync, yet for the life of me, I couldn't get to work the way I intended.
I'm at a total standstill. Currently, I'm downloading some demo of Cubase (elements 7), & will give it a try tomorrow before giving up altogether.
Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? In theory it seems so simple: DAW triggers 788, 788 plays, DAW records- yet no matter how much I mess with setting on both (DAW & 788) nothing ever happens.

Please help, or tell me to quit because what I'm asking is a feat that is impossible!!!

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