Daw to DP-008EX and back to Daw

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    Oct 2022
    I'm interested in using a DP-008EX to record vocals over existing songs from a daw kinda like a portable vocal studio. I wanted to know if I could import some stems from a song (made in a daw), record vocals into the DP-008EX and export the vocals into the daw and have everything lined up? Is the DP-008EX creating stems in the same way a daw would where theres silence surrounding the sections of actual audio? Im guessing if the tempo and time signature are the same in the daw and the tascam project it should just line up when I drop the vocal tracks into the daw. I'm just trying to avoid having to realign the vocal tracks in the daw.

    Also, if you're wondering why I would want this, it's because I'm tired of hualing my laptop, sound card, back up battery and other crap just to do some vocal takes on songs when I'm out. I can't find anything on Google or YouTube showing this process. And I'd like to see if anyone here has done the same before handing over the cash for one. Thank you in advanced !

    I've also uploaded a pic illustrating what I'm talking about.


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    Jan 2022

    Export a guide track from the DAW as a (44.1kHz, 16 bit) WAV format file. Connect your PC to the USB port of the DP-008EX. Copy the .WAV file to the WAVE directory of the SD card in the DP-008EX. Disconnect the PC from the DP-008EX and use the [MENU] IMPORT/EXPORT -> IMPORT TRACK function to place the content of the .WAV file in an empty track of the DP-008EX.

    Now you can record vocal / instrument takes on other tracks of the DP-008EX, against the imported guide track. These takes can be converted to .WAV files in the WAVE directory as required, using the [MENU] IMPORT/EXPORT -> EXPORT TRACK function. And such WAV files begin at the same time as the imported guide track WAV file. So just import them in to the DAW s/w, and line up the beginning of the imported file with the beginning of the guide track WAV file for synchronisation of the content.