Desperate Help Call


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Jan 15, 2015
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DM 24

I Try since 4 Weeks to Fix That Problem, but i dont find Help. :-(

I have Read the Newbie Faq but i dont understand, i am a Newbie on the Digital Sector.

My Problems: We Use the auxiliare send 4 to the Headphones, it works fine, i can level the loudness with Aux 5, everything good.

But i cant send the Effects to the Headphones, i try everything but nothing works. the Effects works only on the Stereo Outpouts. Please Explain my Step by Step what i have to do to send the Effects to the Headphone mix..Pleeeaassee :-(

The Next problem is: We Record the Mix with Cubase, it works, but only Pre Faders, so everything wat is quite in the room, it is also quite in the Record at Cubase. How can i record Pre Faders, for Exemaple the Headphone mix!? (What do the "Direct" Button?)

Please Help my, you are my last hope.

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