Digital crackles when playback in any DAW - Not a buffer size problem !

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    Jul 2019
    US 20x20
    Hi everyone, I'm new here!

    I try to resolve an issue :

    I just got a Tascam US-20x20. This is a second-hand unit.

    I've tried it on Pro Tools 12 and Reaper and I get the same problem :

    A lot of digital crackles!
    They appear only when I playback my recordings.
    The audio recorded is not altered by crackles, this is just a monitoring issue.

    The problem appears randomly. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's not.

    Here is a list of everything I tried to resolve this :

    - I disabled all Windows built-in audio devices in my system.
    - I changed buffer size to all available values - no luck!
    - I uninstalled/reinstalled Tascam drivers
    - My Tascam firmware is up to date.
    - I tried to change the USB 3.0 port where I plug my audio unit (there are 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 ports on my laptop).
    - I tried to plug the unit with a USB 2.0 cable on my USB 2.0 port.
    - I disabled wifi
    - I uninstalled/reinstalled USB 3.0 drivers in Windows
    - ASIO is selected in both Pro Tools and Reaper
    - I tried to power on the unit while the OS is up and running
    - I tried to power on the unit before powering on the computer
    - When I monitor CPU and RAM in Windows task manager, this is OK (CPU less than 20% and RAM less than 40%)
    - When I read audio and video files in Windows with the DAW closed, no problem, no crackles!

    Still crackles during the playback in the DAWs!!!

    My config :

    Lenovo Y50-70
    i5 2.90 Ghz
    8 GB RAM
    Windows 10 up to date

    Thanx so much for your help!
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  2. JustinDube

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    Oct 2019
    Tascam 16x08
    I've also experienced this. It was also crossing over the left and right signals leaving that end of the hall sound. Mine fixed itself when I tugged a little on the headphone plug (the part that goes into the headphone jack). Have you tried jiggling the cord a little in the jack?