DIY armrest/cushion

Discussion in 'TASCAM DM-24' started by Herb Green, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Feb 2016
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    I got tired of resting my arms and hands on the metal armrest of the mixer and banging them on the sharp corners.

    I went to Home Depot and got a 1&1/8" inch I.D. foam water pipe insulator and cut it to length to fit over the end of each side of the mixer armrest about 1/2 inch on either side. I then used 2 sided transparent tape and attached it to the mixer just below the label strip area at the bottom of the mixer. I then peeled off the adhesive protector on 1 edge of the insulator (the side without the ink ID stamp on it). I then started at 1 end of the mixer, leaving the 1/2 inch overhang, and adhered the insulator to the mixer. Take your time to line up the edge of the insulator directly on top of the 2 sided transparent tape and make it even with the label strip area.

    Now you have a custom cushion that will help with the hand fatigue and knuckle banging on the mixer. See photo below.

    Hope this is helpful to other DM24 users.