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Giorgos Panos

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Feb 27, 2014
Athens, Greece
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Good morning from Greece,
i recently bought i dm 24 from a friend in great (i hope) condition. After reading the basics and manual carefully i started working with it. Everything seem to be OK. Effects, routing, sound, i am also controlling Ableton live, external gear.... But i found out that line inputs No 9,10, 11, 12 are dead. No input signal at all. Even if i try xlr cables. All the other inputs are fine and i also have signal in meter screen as well. Do you believe it is a hardware problem? How can i check it to be sure what it is making this problem?

sorry for my bad english and thank you
...after many thoughts i decided to call an electronic service guy. Below some pics of some dead capacitors. I hope the problem stops right there. I will post again when i will replace it with the new input pcb from Tascam.

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Great to hear about your success. It's a shame there's so much gear built in late '90s / early '00s having these bad capacitors :evil: But the good new is your DM is back alive.
80 capacitors total!!!
Ouch! I'm not sure, if I would do all that work just to save €300 ... well ... maybe I would ... right now writing this on an old Lenovo laptop with broken display, which needs 30 minutes to warm up and be usable ... even though I know I could buy a good used monitor for €50 and PC/monitor combination with similar capabilities for €150 :rolleyes:
Awesome work! I've just got a dead channel as well. Still love my DM.
Do you have a shopping list of the capacitors you used? (and which board they went in?)
I'd love to replace mine as well, but am using it so don't want to tear it all down to get the specs... If you can post, that would be very helpful to all!

I agree, it is easy to open the console. It is also easy to find and buy the same capacitors but i believe if you are not familiar with electronics better prefer someone with electronic skills to do it for you. (only half hour will need) It is also very important to check all capacitors with a capacity meter. You will be surprised when you will discover that more capacitors must be changed. After so many years it is usual some capacity lose! Also check all the flat white cables between the two pcbs. I think i used capacitors with same μF and same temperature 105 C but with a little higher voltage than tascams but is OK . If you need more info feel free to contack me.
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