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Mar 7, 2013
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OK I just got a Tascam Dm24 off of Ebay as mine was not working well anymore and it has the meter bridge which I never had on my old one. I used the cable they sent me and hooked it up but it is not working, the board is in great shape and I have already tested everything and it is working very well but no meter bridge.
so my question is do you need to set something in the board that I can not find ? I may go get a new cable in hopes that it is that simple other wise I will need to have the meter bridge checked out.
Could you post an image of the cable. As it is a special built cable... Maybe they send out the wrong cable.

First thing to do. Contact the seller...
Actually it started to work right when I started to record, very weird, I have used it three times now with out a problem, when I first hooked it up and put a tape in my Da 78 it did not show anything but right when I armed record it all popped on so for now I am good
does anyone know why the meter bridge would have a blinking light that says locked? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
I have a similar problem. One day the Meter Bridge worked fine. I removed it because it stands too high for the little space I have.

I had used it for several months, no problem. But I stopped using it, and continued ot use the mixer for several months. After some time I decommissioned the mixer and later came to sell it.

I trested the mixer ready for sale, but on plugging in the Meter Bridge, it has stopped working, not a single light on it, the cable hasn't been changed, the Meter Bridge was simply put away in a box.

Is it the case that there is a software switch to turn the Meter Bridge off/on? Though I don't seem to think so from the little bit of literature that came with it. The Meter Bridge was tested on another mixer and it works! Any suggestions?

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