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Jan 18, 2013
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Hey everybody,

I've been beating my head against the wall for hours trying to get the DM3200 to automate with PT9 vers. 9.0.6 and Lion 10.7.5. I've looked all through the forum and threads and have followed alot of the advice out there; perhaps the answer is right under my nose or I'm just too much of newbie to see it.

But the transport on the DM works fine with PT. Faders on screen and on the board run perfectly with each other. The problem is two fold. First, I can't seem to get automation to work at all. Everything on the board works, but when I try to "write" a track using the DM's write button, it doesn't register in PT. The channels move and such, but for whatever reason the movements aren't recorded.

Second, I can't seem to get the remote layer to show up on the MU-1000. I had limited success getting the count to show up on the bridge, but then when I'd stop the track, PT would go back to it's last stopping point and the DM's clock would stop at its current point. But then again, I reset PT9 and lost that connection as well. :-/

I tried to create a User Defined Layer as said in the docs by Will, but when I created it, the screen had all the channels, but nothing was assigned. :twisted:

I've been cracking at this for the last three days and to no avail. If anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Until I figure it out, I'm gonna have to use the DM as an analog board and mix on the screen; I just feel that if I wanted to do this, I would've just bought an analog board.

Thanks again everybody!

PS - the board is communicating perfectly with my computer, but does anyone else have any issues with the firmware updater not finding the board on the computer?
Well, I've written a couple of in-depth posts about PT9-10, automation, MTC, etc etc. But here are the steps necessary:

IN THE DM3200:

1. HUI/MMC menu: add (or choose) MTC INTERNAL, ENable the TRansport box.
2. In Automation, tick the INTERNAL option under MTC.
3. ZERO out the Time Code Start.


1. Setup/Peripherals
2. Tick the MMC box
3. In the MIDI options, choose MTC#3 (it'll likely be in Defined Settings)
4. In PT's Transport, DISABLE MTC send - and ENABLE MTC-ONLINE (The two blue buttons on either side of the transport.)

Push Play on the DM; if you've set everything up correctly, PT should play.
CAUTION!: You will NOT be able to use the DM's RECord key; it doesn't function when Internal MTC is chosen.

TIP: Use the DM's AutoLocate Function to jump around your file - ie: return to start, etc. Hit F8 (on the DM, NOT your PC's keyboard!). You'll see 10 'slots' in the menu. You can punch in timecode numbers using the main function pad (look closely, and you'll see numbers 1-10. ) To edit these numbers, hit F6 ('Edit).
Foir example, to RTZ, hit F8, then '0', and Enter. You'll be immediately at the song start. The DM Autolocate feature can be set up in the Automated Menu ( "auto transport start,' 'delay, 'deferred,' etc etc)

As I said in previous messages - when working with PT9/10, you need to have two separate MMC setings in the DM: HUI/Emulate for editing, tracking - when PT is SENDING MTC to the DM. For Automated mixing, you need to use INternal MTC along with the previous steps.

For general information on Automated Mixing techniques and specifics, go to Tascam.Com, search for DM3200 and download the Automated Mixing Manual

I hope this gets you started.


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