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Jan 27, 2013
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I am running pro tools 10 on my macbook pro os x 10.? and using the DM-3200 as the interface. I can not get the input levels in pro tools to detect what ever is plugged into the bus on the board. there is communication between the board and pro tools, sound from all speakers and head phones, levels on the board, but once the record session begins, nothing is detected in pro tools. any help would be much appreciated.

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Connected with both FireWire and USB. When only connected with either one, there is no communication between protools and DM 3200.
You should realize that the USB is not audio, it is for communications; the Control App and Controller functions. Firewire is for audio and you have to set that up right, the firewire driver doesn't work when others drivers are active or on a Mac as an Aggregate device.
I'm using the MK 1. Waiting for the MK 2. And there are no drivers for this on a Mac.
The older card has a firmware update for OSX, but I don't know if it's going to work with Mac Lion. The firmware updates and all the stuff you need for the older firewire card updates are at the DM24 page at Tascam -

- Will
got the new IFFWDMMK II card installed, but i'm still stuck at the same place. there is no meter level response in pro tools when i hit record.
1. Did you do a COMPLETE uninstall of the previous driver before installing the new one?

2. Have you checked ProTools' Setup/Playback Engine to ensure that DM/Firewire
is the only ASIO driver?

3. Are you sure you've correctly routed the DM's output slot to the desired Protools channel?

4. Are the DM's Firewire Slots assigned and in the right order?

If you have TMC installed, you can create screenshots of your DM's routing pages, upload them here as attachments, so we can see what's going on.

1. Yes.


3. I think so. I've followed all the details in the manuals and from links on these forums. I have recording happening now, but no sound when playing back. I can see the recorded sound in the individual tracks, but no sound when played back.

4. Only on FireWire card in the DM. In slot 1. Slot 2 does not recognize it. Also in the manual.

Hope these attachments work and are helpful.

Let me know if I should add more screen shots, and from where.


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Looks like you're about two steps away from getting this solved.

Can you make TMC screenshot of your DM's 'Routing/Input' page? We want to see if you've got the outputs FROM ProtTools routed back through the firewire card and correctly assigned to DM channels.

Not sure how to do that. I do have TMCompanion, but there are no options to view the requested screen.
Exit Protools and any other application. Then, from the desktop, load TMC. The menu at the top of the screen - on the right, if I recall - 'files' - click that. You'll see 'Screen Shot.'

On the DM, go to your Routing/Input screen. Then click on that 'Screen Shot' and a title page will appear. Name the shot - say - 'Input Routing' - hit enter. You'll be given a choice where to save that shot. Put it in an easily found folder, then attach it to a message here, as you did previously.

Note; anything appearing on the DM's screen can be captured by TMC and saved in a .png file.

This is the only screen available (besides the one i sent previously) when I open TMCompanion.


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Since I work with the Win7 version, I'm not sure where the other menu options reside in the Mac version. What you're showing is the DM mixer/backup menu. There's another tab where the Screen Shot utility is located. You'll have to look at the TMC manual to find it in the Mac version. But it's definately there.

fendersonpile said:
This is the only screen available (besides the one i sent previously) when I open TMCompanion.
He ment to use TMCompanion to capture screenshot of your DM's ROUTING/INPUT screen.
If I'm not mistaken.... Tascam Mixing Compagnion is between the firewire device and your DAW. So you need to start TMC first and THEN start your DAW. That way it can communicate with the Tascam while you work in the DAW...

When you start the DAW software first the TMC cannot communicate over the firewire and USB connections with the mixer...

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