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Oct 26, 2012
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Hi, I have a dm3200 digital mixer installed in our studio. Initially the mixer works fine but after about a month, the output audio will be distorted while in use. A reboot will sometimes normalize the audio output but sometimes the mixer will have to be switched off for about 5hrs before a good audio output appear at the output. I have reset the system but there was no difference.

Your response will be appreciated.
I assume MTC between mixer and DAW is not setup correctly. This means the Tascam and the DAW are both at freewheel and they both listen to their own clock. It is best to either set the daw to listen to the Tascam or vice versa.

You do not give details about your DAW...
Despite the lack of detail, I'd call Tascam support. It sounds like a componant failure as OP said it worked initially and then after a month started having problems. It will probably need servicing.
Thanks Muziekschuur, the clock is set to 44.1khz. Can you please explain what you mean by the MTC and how to setup the MTC and the DAW clocks correctly?

Hello Cmaffia, The DM3200 was purchased from United Broadcast. It was shipped back to the company where a Tascam Technician was said to have looked into it and said all is well with the mixer. But when it was reinstalled the mixer fails intermittently. It was eventually withdrawn into the store and an old mixer used to replace the DM3200. When it fails, it takes hrs before the output becomes normal again. The studio temperature is about 22 degree centigrade and the studio is dust-free. Other electronic audio equipment in the studio never malfunctioned during the time the DM3200 was in the studio and since it was withdrawn. Othe equipment include a Soundcraft 12 input mixer, an Optimod FM processor, etc

The quantum of investment on the DM3200 is now a major concern as the mixer is not serving the purpose of its purchase. It cost about $1,200 to ship back the mixer to United Broadcast and back to Nigeria.

Which other info do you need concerning the mixer? Just tell me I will get it across to you in less than 24hrs.

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again my suggestion is to call Tascam. I believe the unit needs servicing. hope it all works out for you
Hi Fibre, so how did you fix the problem?
If that is your problem then it needs to be sent to Tascam service center or HQ.
Regardless, I suggest your next step is to call Tascam support. They will know better and they will tell you what to do next.

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