DM-3200 IF-AN/DM analog question


Nov 17, 2012
Riverside Ca.
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Many thanks to the real talent that sits behind these consoles and makes the great music we enjoy. So for those, when you have a second, I could sure benefit from your suggestions.

Just a passion and hobby for me using the DM-3200. Is there another way to export my digital signal out of the board, into some older analog effects then back into the mixer to record onto pro tools tracks? Would that not be redundant? Going from digital to analog then back to digital? Doesn't that make your analog signal digital all over again? I know the IF-AN/DM card was designed for this just wondering if it;s worth the high price. Thanks a mill.. :D
Not claiming any sort of talent btw.....

Are you using the aux sends / returns for your outboard? There are 8 of these on the DM4800 - not sure how many on the DM3200.

As 8 is not enough..... I also have an IF-AN/DM card to connect to analog outboard - they are a bit expensive but work well - I plan to get a 2nd one in the not too distant future. :D
Yes I am using the I think 4 analog channels to some outboard gear , but have a summing analog mixer I would like to use to export 8 channels from the Dm to the summing mixer then back into the DM via tdif.
Would that not be redundant? Going from digital to analog then back to digital? Doesn't that make your analog signal digital all over again?

Yes. There are two extra conversions taking place - from the DM to the analog domain, then back again digitally to the DM. Adding conversions increases the noise floor and - to some extent - degrades the signal. The question is, to what degree, and whether the degradation is audible in the mix. Most of that has to do with the quality of the outboard analog gear, but generally speaking, any time the signal path is increased, artifacts result.

Another school of thought: analog adds 'warmth' to the signal, taking the 'edge' off of 'cold' digital audio. But I believe that no longer applies to modern 24bit audio, done on devices with good converters, efx and EQ algorithms like the DM consoles feature. I'd say that notion was true 15 years ago, in the world of 16 bit, early converters, and comparatively limited digital technology.

But - to each his own; we may all have two ears, but they don't always hear things the same way. :)

Thank you Capt. Dan

Unfortunately, my hearing is equivalent of a 95 year old man (i'm 54) and that was 20 years ago. I'm just about deaf in both ears today. I run two top of the line hearing aids but there's no comparing them to the human body. I guess I want to believe I can hear the difference but, I can't. Of all hobbies for me to have a passion for right?
I run my IF-AN/DM cards this way - direct into and from the outboard effects. The only only difference in my setup is that I run my audio signal through the busses and simply add what I need sparingly. I love it. I tend not to use a lot of plugins for the modulation effects, and I tend to TRY not to need them.

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