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Sep 30, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum, so I do appreciate any replies. After reading through some
post I understand there is a way to get the meter bridge to work while in remote
layer of your DAW. My question is has anyone actually got it to work with Logic Pro 9
? Again I've read the post here, and seen the guy on youtube (J) explaining the user
defined layer, but just can't make sense of it all. I was able to get the transport time code going, but that's about it. Can someone please help, Thanks......

DM 3200 with meter bridge
Mac Pro 6 core intel
Motu 828mk II
Logic Pro 9.1.8
An oldie but a goodie. Not sure if you read this one. Hope it helps:

"Using the meter bridge while using the remote layer is not difficult. The concept, however, seems to be elusive to many. I am hoping one more explanation will not offend anyone.

The basic premise is that you assign each channel (or track) in your DAW to an output from your computer. (FW card, ADAT, AES/EBU, etc...) For most of us, this means assigning each DAW Track OUT to its own FW channel OUTPUT. For instance, if I want to see 24 channels of DAW tracks on my meter bridge, I would assign each DAW track to a separate individual FW channel output. ie: DAW Track 1 OUT to Tascam FW out 1, DAW Track 2 out to Tascam FW out 2, etc, up to 32 channels. If you have an ADAT card in your computer, then try grouping several of your tracks into 8 groups or 8 track folders (8 for each ADAT output at 48KHz or less) and then send those outputs to the ADAT outputs.

Those output signals should then be assigned to individual channel inputs in the DM via your ROUTING page. So now, instead of simply sending the DAW's stereo outs to 2 channels in the DM, you should have each individual channel sending its own OUT to a corresponding channel input into the DM ie: CH layer 1-16 (3200) or 1-24 (4800) inputs should be assigned to the FW Slot inputs. Or the DM's ADAT inputs, etc... Now, I would normally have channels 1-16 assigned to "M/L" 1-16 (I have a 3200) but I also have the "Source Invert" function which allows me to assign those same channels to SLOT1, CHs 1-16. By simply "inverting" the source to the SLOT 1 inputs instead of the M/L inputs (this is all done on your routing page) I am now assigning those channels to the FW SLOT 1 outs from my DAW . Be sure to REinvert those inputs when you go back to record again, so M/L 1-16 will be available.

Now, find that setting on the DM that makes the meter bridge follow whatever fader you touch (or select with the select key) and DEselect it. You don't want the Meter bridge to follow you when you touch the Remote layer faders. Instead you want the meter bridge to STAY on the first fader layer only, to display the meters from those DAW channels we assigned to the first set of channels (like 1-16).

So, at this point, you should be seeing the individual tracks displaying levels on the meter bridge, just like you did when it was only the stereo outs from your DAW. Now, select your Remote layer. If it's been setup correctly via the USB midi between your DAW and the DM, you have been able to move the faders in the DAW from the DM all along. Nothing has changed, But now, you can see the individual outputs from each track change on the meter bridge as you move the faders in the remote layer. PFM!

It makes sense when you put it all together, but it is more like a workaround. When I first bought the DM, I THOUGHT I would simply select the remote layer and there would be my individual track meters. Nope. Does not work this way.

Now, I realize I am only explaining what everyone has already explained before, but I hope I am adding those few bits that might help someone(s) put it together a little better.
BTW, CaptDan reminded me that you don't actually have to DEselect the option of having the meter bridge-follows-SEL, if you just select the 1-24 layer button on the meter bridge itself.
Sorry for the long reply."

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