DM 3200 not transferring audio data to iMac

Hawkins Wright

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Jan 23, 2013
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I have been using my DM 3200 with my macbook pro for about 7 months or so and it has been working well, then recently decided to update to a 2012 iMac. In this transfer I came to realize that the new iMacs do not come with a firewire connection but do have two thunderbolt ports.

I proceeded to order two adaptors (firewire 400 to 800, then firewire 800 to thunderbolt) to rectify this situation and after I plugged it in I was able to get the DM 3200 working with my DAW (I am using Reaper) for one session, but upon trying to start my computer and DM the following day I was unable to get Reaper to play or record and I didn't see any audio signal coming from the DM.

When I switched Reaper to using only internal audio devices on the iMac, I was able to play and record, but if I try and switch my audio device back to the DM firewire port I am once again unable to play, record or see any audio coming in through the DM 3200. I know that the the DM is receiving signal from my mic, and I never changed any of my routing options since I was recording on my macbook pro so routing shouldn't be the issue.

The DM's remote layer is still communicating well with my DAW, but I believe that is the USB cable connection. Has anyone ever used a firewire to thunderbolt adapter with the DM 3200 firewire slot connecting to an iMac thunderbolt port? I am out of ideas as to why this is happening at the moment, but it seems like a communication breakdown between the iMac and the DM 3200. Any thoughts?

Well, I had it working for a second by setting Reaper's input device to the internal mic and setting the output as the DM 3200 and was able to hear the tracks coming back though the DM that I recorded through the internal mic. That proved to me that there was audio being transferred through the firewire cable. I then went back to the audio device preferences in Reaper and reset the input device as the firewire card in the DM.

I was able to play and record through the DM and monitor back what I had just recorded. Everything was working like a charm again, so I decided to test it by quitting reaper and restarting it. Now the same old problem is coming up again. It seems like maybe the computer is having a hard time with the double adaptor on the firewire cable? I tried to recreate my earlier success by following the same steps but to no avail.
Hi Hawkins,

I have the same problem if I start the DM first - the only way I can be sure of audio I/O is to start the DAW first and when it has booted fully, then start the DM4800. The same situation applies with PT or Reaper. I'm also using a MBP with f/w over thunderbolt.


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