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Mar 3, 2013
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I have the DM3200 and i am running this with Cubase 6.5
i have updated the firmware and the platform on the mac - 10.6.8.
I can record sound on to the software and i can see the signals on the screen- I can see the output on the software but it doesn't come back to the desk via the firewire.
What is it - routing - or software. VST outpouts are all correct as i can see.

NB I am using a PC with a sound card which is not interfering with the items - but i am using the SPDIF to the desk to sync this card - would this be a problem..
Have unplugged to check ?

Talk to me experts
- but i am using the SPDIF to the desk to sync this card - would this be a problem..
Yes I think so, but it could be a lot of things. When you are recroding and playing back to/from the DM, you should be using the IF-DM/FW ASIO driver. And, The DM should be set to use it's own internal Clock. If your Cubase is set to send it's audio out of the FW, (check Cubase preferences), and you have the FW channels set as inputs into the DM, and those inputs are set to go out of the STEREO buss, then you shold be hearing audio.
Your computer's card (depending on what it is) should probably not be clocked to the DM. It will likely have it's own clock. Since you can only use one ASIO device at a time, your card will probably be using it's own clock when it's in use.
So, check Cubase for output settings (should be ASIO IF-DM/FW, channels 1-32) and set to the same sample rate as the DM's sample rate.
Check that the DM's clock (on the project page) is set to internal, and not DIN-1 (your S/PDif).

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