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Feb 18, 2013
Gear owned
tascam dm4800 ..CD-RWHD1000
we connected an outboard compressor to a channel via the Analog Assn. Send -Return section..
@ the INSERT Menu clicked all appropriate choice's..
RESULT ..We are getting SEND to the LA3 ( VU meter in both Comp & Output indicate signal )
BUT the audio of the track is NOT present ..
Now when InsertPoint is turned OFF the tracks audio is heard BUT of course NO signal is being fed to the Comp.
Any thought's as to what may be causing this issue?
DM4800 To & from RADAR via Optional Analog Cards

thanks in advance
hello ..
INSERT Screen reads..Left to Right the following
Module=Chan 4 ..
Send = Assn Send 3..
Return = Assn Send 3 ( automatically linked S/R button @ bottom Lowest Right of menu is checked ) .
.Insert Point = Post Fader..
Insert ON ..
Far Right Source Menu = Asn. Send

And for clarity..we have bypassed the outboard Patch Bay ..connected DIRECTLY from ASSN.Send - Return of the DM to LA-3 ..Most direct path and we have the aforementioned mentioned result
OK. If I interpreted your post correctly (not sure if I did, because what you wrote is impossible routing in DM ... oh why didn't you just post a screenshot? Would have saved both your time and mine) your routing should be correct.

In that case you should check your cabling. It's easy to plug your cables into wrong ASN SND/RTN jacks of your DM-4800 ... their locations are not intuitive ... I once spent hours on re-plugging all my cabling after a "quick and minor" change on my equipment arrangement.

If in doubt, please tell us how have you connected your cables (which jack of DM goest to the input of your compressor and to which jack in DM comes the output of your compressor). And also check if you have defect cables.
thanks again for the reply ..
We assume that the DM needs to be connected to a computer in order to send screenshot & this DM is not connected to such..hence the written description of the routing.
Again for clarity in our description of routing the analog Assn. S/R ...

the INSERT page has 6 columns Left To Right & numbered 1-16 .

1'st Column as NO. and under that are the #'s 1-16 .... selected was 1
2'cnd as Module.. selected was #4 channel
3'rd & 4 'th as Send ..Return ..... selected was Send Asn. 3 ...Return ..Asn. 3
5"th as Point - ON-OFF ..POST Fader selected as Point ...ON selected S/R Target ..selected ASN.S/R

as far as the rear panel us they are very straightforward / self explanatory
and towards cable's yes,one can make a mistake in connections and cable does go bad - get intermittent gremlins at times..

this is not the case here..All cable has been prepared for the DM4800 - tested and Installed NEW for this current installation.
to further; we are receiving INPUT Signal from the source in all of the current test's with 1 exceptions..when the INPUT cable is disconnected from the LA3.

A key note in this issue is that When the INSERT "ON" button is engaged, Source audio ceases( can not be heard) although source signal can be seen at the destination VU ..
when switched OFF..Source audio will Pass ( can be heard)..
this issue happens WITH or Without the LA3 being connected

thanks again to the forum for the consideration


ADD...Any DM 32 OR 4800 user's that are using RADAR 24 running OS 5 or up and have the tascam Analog cards installed .. if so..we would like to hear from you
This is short reply. I wrote longer one, but due to strange system crash I lost it.

OK.Your routing is fine.

You have input signal in your compressor, so everythings OK up to that point.

Now, check cables: is your compressor's output connected to ASN RETURN 3?

If it is, connect compressor's output to one of the M/L inputs of your DM (one which you know does work) and try if can get signal.
1. If not, you have bad cable, or problem inside your compressor,
2. If yes, you may have bad ASN RET 3

You see ... simple logical troubleshooting.
hello ... are correct in your suggested testing process.
when faced with issues we routinely run the "Triple Blind" testing method as well as redundant 2'cnd party testing.
As it turns out,in this given situation it turned out to be a ground issue ..
Although "New" the 1/4 " jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve and the inner plastic protector ( small plastic ring was rotating..weird but true & causing ground fault )
issue now resolved and again to Jarno and the TASCAM community ..thank you for your input


r.k.r regard to the Line INSERTS at each channel and knowing that INSERT point is PRE Fader-EQ etc. ..
any suggestions towards a work-a-round to place the INSERT post fader and EQ
beachy said: regard to the Line INSERTS at each channel and knowing that INSERT point is PRE Fader-EQ etc. ..
any suggestions towards a work-a-round to place the INSERT post fader and EQ
Those inserts are not in CHANNELS, but in M/L INPUTS (between preamp and A/D converter), which means they are on ANALOG section of DM and hard-wired as they are. See attached image from DM's block diagram:

If you need more analog insert points in DM's mixing section than ASN SND/RETs can give you, your best option is the analog extension card.


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