DM-4800 and Cubase 7


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Jan 10, 2013
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Hi all, I just upgrade my Cubase 6.5 32 bits to Cubase 7, 64 Bits. I Installed the latest DM-4800 drivers and configured the DM-4800 and Cubase 7, just as explained in the configuration manual posted in this forum, to control the Cubase faders with the DM-4800. But I noticed something strange. Normally when I opened my mixer page in Cubase 6.5, and only switched on the audio tracks I could use the DM-4800 faders to control the faders of the Cubase audio tracks. But with Cubase 7, when I open the new mixer, and again, only enable the audio tracks, the faders of the DM-4800 won't control the faders of the audio tracks but in my case, the first 24 channels of MIDI tracks in my project. Is this a know issue?


Did you check that the configuration in 6.5 was not wiped when the upgrade was performed? I remember having to set up Cubase to work with the mixer from scratch every time I upgraded from version 5.
Hi cmaffia,

I figured out what to do. Cubase and the DM were configured correctly. But as far as I can remember, the "bank" buttons on the DM-4800 in the machine control section on the right, never worked for me. But now they do! So I only have to press the "bank" buttons a couple of times to control my audio faders.



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