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Nov 16, 2012
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DM-4800 Cubase Hammond C3
What would be the best output routing in the DM-4800 in order to use Cubase's Control Room for monitoring?
This question offers little info and is unclear as to your setup and what you are doing. Cubase's "Control Room" creates a virtual mixer out of Cubase. The DM4800 is obviously a mixer, with external monitor selects, so your question seems backwards, and why use the Control Room output from Cubase when you can have 6 separate monitor selects on the DM4800?

But if you are mixing "in the box", using the DM4800 as a controller, you can assign to a control room select button (Monitor Screen Page) the output pair you have chosen as your Control room outs in Cubase. If you have a firewire card for example, and 31/32 is the "Control Room Out" you have assigned in Cubase, you can make the the input to monitor select and punch it up on the board.
Thanks for the reply. My setup in Cubase 7 is to set all my outputs to DM4800 inputs. I use my DM4800 auxes for monitoring. I mix ITB so I can use my plugins and then output a final product using mastering plugins.

Sometimes it would just seem to be easier and quicker to set up the control room on certain projects and not have to be changing all outputs back and forth.

I hope this makes some sense to you. I have only had the DM4800 for a few months and have never really been able to discuss my workflow with anyone knowledgable with both platforms. I really like the board, but I don't think I use it in the most practical way. Any insights you might have would be much appreciated. I have a lot to learn with this board, there is not a lot of material out there to read.
Well I use FW 31/32 as my main stereo pair from the DM4800's mic out, and so don't have them come back into a channel (feedback potential!) I bring the output of those tracks back into a monitor select button. I route/record the mix output of the DM4800 to those tracks, using input bypass so it goes direct from the stereo outs to 31/32. If I am mastering in Cubase whatever that's always the stereo master tracks out, and I just punch up that monitor select in the DM4800 to hear what I am doing,

Also the channels have Mic/Line on the inputs, and the corresponding firewire card outs on the return side. I also route the mic/line inputs on the console using input bypass to go directly from the mic/line to the firewire card - a clean record, before the channel eq et al. On location recording, I can record the rehearsal, and then switch to the channel return inputs and continue to tweak my mix when the band breaks before a live show/broadcast/webcast. SInce I haven't printed the eq or comp, etc, it sounds the same on playback as when recording.

Of course there are many ways to do things!

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