DM 4800 discontinued ;-(


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Apr 3, 2013
Dortmund, Germany
Hey there,

it is know sure that the DM 4800 isn't produced anymore. See more details below. ;-(

I'm from Germany and wanted to buy an DM 4800 this year for my homestudio. But, at our Dealers (like Musicstore and Thomann (both think they are the german "Sweetwater") there was no DM 4800 available.

So, i send an E-Mail to the German Tascam Support and asked, where i can buy a DM 4800.

The Answer was sad:

The Production of the Tascam DM 4800 is stopped and there are no units on stock anymore, nowhere.
The DM 3200 is still available.

That is the reality. Really Sad! ;-(

Best regards

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, but i hope you got the point! ;-)
Thanks cmaffia,

here in Germany, too.....

But last price for a new DM 4800 was 3000 €, and here in Germany crazy folks on ebay want 3200,- € - 4500,- € for a used one......

Prehaps i will go with 2 cascaded DM 3200...... ;-)

Best regards
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There are some new ones in Oz - some on eBay, some with resellers..... ranging between 3.5K and 6K (AUD).

Or you could buy my one with meter bridge, 2 x analog cards, surround card, firewire card and a DVR-1000HD and.... and.....
I tip my hat to the DM4800!

Seven years of production...
Pretty good run for a digital mixing board.

This mixer is far from obsolete.
The functionality stands.

It remains as the Swiss Army Knife of digital audio mixers.

A snappy salute to the beloved, discontinued desk.
I had heard from a very reliable source that the 4800 would be discontinued while the 3200 would remain in production. It looks as though the time is here... Although I would not be shocked or even surprised to see them available again in a month or two.
Just got back from NAMM. Will report more in detail, but in a separate thread.


Capt. I don't see your NAMM thread yet but since I was there as well and had a quick chat with Jim my former tech contact at Tascam (sadly set free with the Gibson takeover) I did get confirmation that the 4800 is at "end of line" but the 3200 is still alive. In fact they had a 3200 on display. I was told that the 4800 had a set of boards that are no longer available but the 3200 did not share that problem. Makes me think I just might keep my boxed 3200 spare...though it seems a wasted resource and I'm trying to at least get one of my team members to use it, until that day when I might need it.

"set of boards no longer available..."

Well, there's another reason to add to the hopper. :)

"Sadly set free from the Gibson takeover..."

A wild guess suggests that Gibson/Co affected the DM4800 decision as well. But it's just a guess.

In any event, whatever it is - if it works, don't fix it. (There's an original concept. :) ).

It's a simple parts issue - the DM-4800 uses 4 DDMP chips, the DM-3200 uses 2. We have a limited number remaining, so the best busisness use for them is DM-3200s.
If you are on good terms with your dealer, ask them to see if their distributor can get a DM-4800 that is still in stock elsewhere.

I was told essentially the same thing - that the 4800 uses more [DSP] chips. The question, is - after the current supply is exhausted, what then?

I expect the answer may be self evident. :eek:


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