DM-4800 & FW/DMMKII updates in Windows 7- 64 bit


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Nov 11, 2013
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Hello Everyone -

Newbie here! Forgive me if this topic has already been addressed, I could only find
something from 2011. I have a 4800 and I am having some trouble with my IF-FW/DMMKII card not pushing any tracks through to the DAW I'm working with (Mixcraft Pro 6). I went ahead and uninstalled both the TMCompanion software and the FW/DMMKII software. I am running Windows 7-64 bit as my sole OS. I cant seem to reinstall this software and for the life of me cannot remember how I installed it in the first place. I will say that in the 4 months I have owned 4800/FW card, I have never really felt stability with it and that's what leads me to believe maybe the software wasn't ever installed correct in the first place. I have read a few posts about the fact that alot of guys on here run Windows 7 and have few problems.
Is there anybody out there that would be so kind to help me get back on track with re-installing my software and the newest updates to be compatible with Windows 7 OS? Nothing I am doing is working for me. I have tried opening and installing in Windows XP compatibility mode. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated guys!
Happy Holidays -
The Tascam IF/FW M2 Beta drivers run fine in Windows 7. I don't think there's anyone here who hasn't fixed their Windows 7 issues. Please read the numerous posts on this subject in this forum.

DM3200 wont lock at 88.2 or 96
The first sentence in your reply was a great help.
Thanks Charlie!

Happy Holidays
Are the Beta 4 drivers found on a link in the forum, or are they the recent updates on Tascams website and they just don't specify the "Beta" part?
Redbus has been giving them to those that ask. They are actually release versions. I believe Redbus said they will be put on the Tascam site once they finish the new DM firmware. If you PM me your email address I can send you them.
Thank you for your help on this! For some reason though it's not letting me PM you with my email address. worldlinemusicgroup at hotmail
Can someone forward the beta 4 driver to me earlink45 at Gmail
Can someone please send the beta drivers to me also, I am having trouble with pro tools 10 saying asio drivers has been changed, I am using windows 7 64bit thanks
You'll get that message in PT9/10 if you change the ASIO/Firewire buffer settings prior to booting up PT. This would be the case no matter what Tascam driver you're using.

Also - in the Win7/Devices/Audio/Advanced menu: be SURE you're running the Windows 'Legacy' drivers. Otherwise you'll have all sorts of chronic problems - dropouts, crashes and other annoying issues.

I'll tell ya another weird thingy - I have the AVID Eleven Rack hardware unit attached to the computer via USB and monitored through the AES/EBU port. I never had a problem changing buffer sizes when that unit is connected.

Works likes a charm - always.
As you indicated to me in our first phone confab 1.5 years ago - and I paraphrase - "..Avid's a jealous lover; if you don't use its proprietary toys, it gets angry, throws hissy fits, and slams the door in your face...."

Okay - you didn't say it exactly THAT way, but that's what I took from it. :)

Sounds exactly like me!
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Hello folks! I am the newbie of newbies at DAWs. Got a DM 4800 a while back and, after checking around, found the Acoustica Mixcraft 6. Went to different sites and read the reviews and liked it. Went to several Tascam/Mixcraft forums and read enough to see that they worked together so I bought the Mixcraft software. Got the firewire hooked up and played around and discovered how to set each track in Mixcraft for each track on the Tascam. Everything works like a charm! So then, it's time to get them working together in a "control surfaces" kinda way....and I am at a complete loss. Jumping back and forth between the Tascam manual, Mixcraft help files, Youtube videos and more, finally got close. Got the Tascam Control settings to where the transport keys were actually lighting up when you pushed them! Jumped back into Mixcraft to the control surfaces window and it was recognizing my mixer. Then, I got the settings so that when I did the ol' "Learn Midi" and clicked on "Play" in the software, and then pushed the "Play" on the Tascam, little magical numbers came up showing that it recieved it. I was ecstatic....until I did the same thing for "Record, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Stop" and they all came back with the same magical numbers. Sure enough, I could hit "Play" on the Tascam and the software would start playing, but when I hit "Stop" didn't stop. Had to click on "Stop" on the software. Then, WHICHEVER button I pressed on the Tascam would start it playing. Went back to reconfigure the control settings on the Tascam, and lost the ability to even get it to play again. I know when I'm over my head and would sure appreciate someone more knowledgeable to help me out.
I'd never heard of Mixcraft before, but maybe you can try and compre the setup steps written for other DAW software. See the 'Documentation' section on top of the forum list.
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I'm unfamiliar with Mixcraft too. A quick 'net search indicates it's a budget MIDI/audio sequencer with a robust loop library. Looks to be purpose built for DJ, rap/beat producers, but could be adapted to a host of other audio apps.

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Yeah.....I'm trying to adapt it to studio use. Went on youtube and found a lot of tutorial videos under Mixcraft University and it has all the bells and whistles I'll ever need plus more. Really like the way you can set your loop points and punch in/out separately and set punch in for "takes" where it loops over and over and mutes the previous take each time so you can put many solos down and pick the best (or pieces of each to make a "best"). I think the problem lies in the software using MCC as opposed to the Tascam using MMC for control surfaces. MIDI devices control it great, but there has to be a way for the Tascam and software to compliment each other. It's a heck of a learning curve with all the routing options and all.
".... like the way you can set your loop points and punch in/out separately and set punch in for "takes" where it loops over and over and mutes the previous take each time so you can put many solos down and pick the best..."

In ProTools it's called a Play List - how repeating, successive takes can be accomplished the same way. A handy tracking technique, indeed.

Not familiar with 'MCC.' But the Tascam remote layer (control surface) works on both HUI and MMC over USB. The former controls fader, knob, and DAW features; MMC runs the transport system(s). So, to achieve complete interactivity, both of those formats have to be set up right - on the Tascam and DAW.

You might do some detective work - Mixcraft forum, etc - to see how/where the HUI/MMC menus are accessed. It's easy to set up the DM, but you have to know what parameters to choose. For example, it might be that 'Craft is compatible with a plain vanilla HUI, or perhaps, Sonar, etc. A number of the more common DAWs' settings are readily available in the DM's Remote/HUI library; at least one of these should be compatible for your system.

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Yep, just joined an Acoustica Mixcraft forum too. Y'all are quicker at responding than they are!!! :)
Also, looking at the online mixcraft 6 manual. I'll get it figured out, but with help, it may be before I'm too old to use it.

MCC is MIDI Continuous Controller
MMC is MIDI Machine Controller
Mixcraft works with MCC but says that other devices may be configured to MCC so, I'll look into that with the Tascam.
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