DM 4800 makes unexpected changes.


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Oct 16, 2012
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DM 4800
DM 4800 makes unexpected changes very quickly and ends deconfiguration.
Strange images appear like this:

I restarted the RAM but it does not work.
Help please


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or this one


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Is Redbus still around? he might be able to figure that one out. I would suggest a factory reset, but I don't think that would fix it.
Typically, when you are allocating something to an address, it is related to memory. But ignoring cmds is not a good sign. Could this be a bad memory module in your board?
Thank you very much for your support. I'm desperate. How does a factory reset?
We put a dehumidifier in the study. After two days it has fixed the problem. So far he has not done it again.
Important. Maybe not the humidity. We had a problem with the Mac Pro. Be disconnected and automatically restarted. The problem was solved by restoring the entire Mac Pro. Interestingly DM4800 problems have been resolved to restore the Mac Pro probably was not a moisture problem but rather the shortcomings of the Mac Pro that is connected via firewire.
Always disconnect usb, firewire and cascade cables when you are troubleshooting the DM4800.

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