DM-4800 on switch re-think


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Feb 18, 2013
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Tascam sould rethink the position of the on/off button. If you put the board in a desk, it is a real pain in the but to reach back there.

How safe is it to just always leave the board on?
I have been using a switch on my rack mounted multi strip for years. I go through the typical process of shift/cntrl/alt then enter, then I turn the board off from the switch. Since the switch on the back of the board is an actual switch and not a relay, I figured there's no difference as far as the board is concerned. No problems so far.
As far as leaving the board on, long term heat might be an issue.
The location of the on/off switch is right up there with a few other DM annoyances -multiple functioning buttons, and a power down routine not unlike a code sequence from a nuclear missle launch.

That said, I'm a worry wart when it comes to electrical spikes. Though my DM, and virtually every other piece of outboard, is connected to a conditioner and operated with a single switch, I prefer to power up/down the DM individually. I built my mix desk for convenient access to the rear - for that and other purposes.

Haven't had any issues, but I'm not suggesting anyone should follow my lead; superstition isn't 'rocket' science. :shock:


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