DM 4800 Pro Tools 10 no audio issue....

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Mar 2, 2014
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Hello all. I just acquired a dm4800 last month and I I'm running it on one computer that has two harddrives....snow leopard and windows 7. On windows 7, I can record, playback audio on monitors and headphones and I have HUI set properly. Only problem with that is my audio coming through the headphones isn't in stereo and I haven't found the problem for that yet. Any idea how to fix that?

My big problem is with snow leopard. I have pro tools setup and it's seeing 32 tracks, I have control with HUI but for some reason I don't have any audio coming through the monitors nor the headphones. Even when you go to import audio to track and listen to it there, no audio comes through the board at all. I can't record in either. i noticed that the fireward card says it's locked on the dm4800 but on osx, it says it's unlocked. Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

What i'm using the dm4800 for is basically to record vocals, live drums and bands. I want to be able to record my drums using the dm effects before it records into pro tools. How would this be set up on the dm? Thanks for any help in advance!!!!!!!!!

You're asking several questions without providing specific info. For example, are you using a Mac with Boot Camp? If not, how did you tame two opposing operating systems to play nice in the same computer? Second, you mention'OSX,'; this tends to suggest a Mac flavor (which I can't help you with but others might).

And 3rd - yes you CAN print DM effects to Ptools tracks. The question is 'why?' Or - are you asking a different type of question? And finally, there could be several reasons why you're not getting audio through the board. They could be related to drivers or routing. And - this has happened before - but what version Firewire interface? MK1 or MKII? If it's a MKI and you're running a MKII driver, you'll have problems.

Finally - what firmware version in the DM? And for the Firewire card?

Lots of possibilities for error; just like my trying to guess what's going on with your rig.

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