DM-4800 with firewire best practice

Thanks for your insights! As I thought there are lots of ways to work with the mixer in combination with a DAW. All of them have their pro's and con's.

Thanks again!

Yes. There are many ways of wich the above is one of many.

Best wishes to all...
Hello to all Tascam DM4800 users.
I have a question. In USA I saw an different IF-FW/DM MKII fire wire card for DM4800,
with 2 fire wire ports. The front is plate looks different too. (see link down) On the Tascam side I do not see this card. All cards normally have only one fire wire port. I googled, and can find NOTHING about it. still it exists... Here the proof

Can anybody tell me if this card is any different from the normal DM4800 if fw dm mk II card? And why are there 2 ports? I always hear, that it might give conflicts to use 2 fire wire ports.

I hope someone has an answer to this for me, mistery.
Thanks. Greetings. Herman from the Netherlands.
That advertisement is wrong. It's describing the MKII but the photo is of the MKI. The MKI was originally released for the DM24/DM3200 which provided 24 port I/O (rather than the MKII's 32). Also it also only supported 44.1/48KHz operation. The 2nd port was intended to cascade 2 DM-24 FireWire cards but it never happened. Not recommended to use now with the DM3200 or 4800 as the drivers are not compatible with later OS's.
Hello Cmaffia. Thanks for your quick and clear response. Now I understand, I friend of mine also has the 4800 and wants to buy a fire wire card, and told me that the one he saw is different than mine. Now I know why. It is the older version. That is why is not on the Tascam site. Another mystery solved. Greetings, Herman, from the Netherlands,
Herman, I may be interested in the older firewire card.

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