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Mar 3, 2013
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There are some great posts re output routing for compressors and some manuals - thanks. However some of the concept is still confusing me.
I have attached screen shots. My setup is
inputs 1 - 24 routed to Ch 1- 24
My stereo bus is ch 25 - 26
headphones aux 1-2
efx rtn aux 9, 10 /11,12
I usually mix ITB.
Other scr attached to explain - how do I get a recorded channel from Cubase to send to asn 3 ( I can see signal coming back on input 27 on DM but can't hear anything) so I can experiment with re amping - and record back to Cubase. I have done this from using headphone sends (aux 1-2) but I want to be able to monitor it without feedback loop...
If I route Cubase to stereo bus I can get signal from aux 1-2 on DM through asn 1 - I can re amp that way. How do I get an isolated input 27 to route to asn 3?
I know I have had it a long time but just wanting to stretch my knowledge of this and it is doing my head in.
Thanks for any help

El :)


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The answer seems so simple, I am not sure if I have your question right, but here it goes...
1) Setup Cubase to send JUST THAT one original track to go out of Cubase, via DM firewire on, say, FW channel 30. Make sure that same track in Cubase is not (for now) also sending its signal back into Cubase's master section. It should be going out via FW back to the DM only. Double check this!!
2) On the DM, go to ALT/Routing/Output page. Start on the right side under Source Select (nod/wink to CaptDan--zen) and select SLOT 1 (or possibly SLOT 3 for 4800--wherever you have your FW card plugged in) with POD4.
3) Now in the middle select ASN SEND with POD3
4) Now on the Left side, under ASN Send, use your arrow keys to move the curser down to 3. (That will be ASN Send 3's output)
5) With the curser at "3", spin the data wheel until "SLOT1 (or 3) Trk 30" comes up. When it does hit ENTER.

We have now assigned that one track in Cubase to go out ASN 3, without having to go through any inputs on the board. Now send it via analog to/from the processor or amp line in you want to use for reamping. If reamping using a mic on the cabinet, bring that back into the mixer and assign that M/L input back to Cubase via FW, using similar instructions to those below. Or, if you are coming back to the mixer with a line level signal, use the following instructions....

Now to get the effected signal back into the board and on to Cubase do this...
1) Let's use ASN 3 IN, since we used ASN 3 for your Analog output. (Or M/L where your mic is plugged in) Go to the OUTPUT SLOT page via ALT/ROUTING/OUTPUT SLOT.
2) Start at the right side again, under Source Select and select ASN RTN (or M/L).
3) Now go to the middle (Terminal select) and select SLOT1 (or 3) trk 25-32
4) Now let's use FW Trk 30 to send the signal back into Cubase. So, on the left, under SLOT1 (or 3) Trk25-32 move the curser down (via arrow keys) to number 6.
Track 30 is the 6th track in the list of tracks from 25 to 32.
5) Now use the DATA wheel to get ASN RTN3 (or M/L whaterever) and hit ENTER.

OK...So now we have the effected signal going directly from Asn 3 into FW Track 30 out. No need to assign anything to a DM fader at this time.

Now in Cubase, setup a new track that will accept FW in, Track 30, and arm it. you should see a signal. Now make sure this new track IS assigned to the Master mix in Cubase, and then bring up your DM faders 25/26 to hear the new mixed signal with the effected track. Double make sure that the original track's output is NOT going to the Cubase MIX. It should only be going to SLOT1 (or 3) out over FW channel 30.
That should do it. Is that what you had in mind?

Food for thought...A signal that comes into the board does NOT have to be assigned to a Fader. It can be assigned directly to any output and visa versa, unaffected by faders or effects. the faders are only useful if you want to have volume/effect control over the signal. HMMM...chin scratch

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