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Sep 29, 2012
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Since we all use our mixers in somewhat unique ways, we get into routines which become go-to workflow. And actually if we didn't, we'd all be in loony bins now. o_O That's because, with so many options available, our brains - ie: cognitive and subconscious resources - REQUIRE a routine.

That's the good news. The better news is, it seems there's always something new to learn; perhaps an otherwise helpful menu gets bypassed in the process. Here's an example, and any of you old-time tyros already know it, excuse the obvious. :cool:

Last year, somebody on the Forum asked if there were a 'Home' state the mixer can be returned to quickly. A Home State meaning, faders down, efx off, I/O set to go (for mix or tracking), polarity all +, faders unlinked, etc etc. In short - an 'RTZ Snapshot.' Easier said than done if attempting to get all that done in single stage steps.

But the process can be sped up dramatically with the Assign Menu. Global channel mixer parameters can be be cleared in a single key stroke. EQ, compressor, gate, polarity, Insert, etc can all be disabled by choosing the 'HOW' (Parameter tab), then the Target (''What" on right side of screen), then the ALL CHANNEL OFF tab, again on the bottom of screen. Bam! The mixer can be cleared in less than a minute.

Pans and Pre/PostFader settings are globally handled in their respective screens, and it's just as easy. But unless you have an 'intern' available, you'll have to manually zero out the faders yourself.

Finally it's all saved to a Snapshot - say: RTZ!"



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Hey, nice tip! I just did it to fix my RTZ file... which, it seems, I am constantly overwriting by accident, because I'm dumb.

Maybe if I make two of them.....
Overwrite? Really? Nobody does THAT! :oops: (Don't ask about how I did that exact thing yesterday and - again - thanked myself for the TMC backup. :rolleyes: )

I discovered another useful tool recently too. I'll save that for another thread.

I have a template that I use for every project in Cubase, Pro Tools, and Live. In each of the templates I use the first scene as faders down, everything normal, then every scene thereafter is related to the song I'm working on. When I'm done with song(s), I have them, then I go back to the first scene of normal, save that, shut down and get a sandwich. Yummy.
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