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Oct 15, 2012
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Welcome. Do any of you nections DM24 with MOTU 2408 with TDIF? Is it a good option instead of the card IF / FW DM?
Yes. It is an excellent way to connect the DM24 and a DAW. Allso because the 404 Motu card can be expanded easily. And not only can you expand to incorporate another DM24. You can also attach the analog boxes so you can attach an analog console aswell.
The MOTU 24 can expand the system to either easily incorporate effects, but also patch in any analog console you may have.

And the drivers are there from WIN95 up to WIN7 64 bit... Giving you a range of choices... So if you ever have a dying PC and you want to go MAC or already have bought a MAC the PCI-E card can be installed fast and without issue...
I bought a MOTU 2408 MK1 but still the shipment did not come to me. Waiting yet. I'm going to combine my DM24 by 3xTDIF a MOTU 2408 and a laptop with a FireWire. Will I be able to apply compressors and equalizers and others with Nuendo proramu in real time?
project said:
I'm going to combine my DM24 by 3xTDIF a MOTU 2408 and a laptop with a FireWire. Will I be able to apply compressors and equalizers and others with Nuendo proramu in real time?
In which way are you going to combine these equipment? Which compressors and EQs are you going to apply? Nuendo's? DM's? In which kind of application?

Short answer to your question: propably ... and a bit longer one: without knowing the details hard to say if it's wise thing to do.
I'm going to use the plug-in a laptop. Already done so by connecting to a PC via DM24 IF / FW DM. I played with the plug Ampeq the bass guitar, but it was not because I had a free hard drive and now I mentioned the SSD but I had a chance to test them.
An MK1 does come with a 304 card. It will probably be problamatic in a modern computer...
Nope. It is supposed to be mounted into a pci slot.

You did not do your research. Nor did you inform us properly...

My Motu already. I thought that if they have built-in FireWire input I can connect it to a laptop. It turns out that probably only works with PCI card that came with the kit.
I Connect the MOTU 2408 with TDIF cable that did the same, because the original costs 60 euros. However, I do not work! Why? ADAT connected the cable and it works, so the device is working. Do any of you know why?
Have any of you can help me connect my DM24 with MOTU 2408 by TDIF?
I mean that has to be selected in the mixer


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What looks like a firewire cable on the MOTU 2408 is not: it's a proprietary cable for connecting the rack module to a PCI card that goes in your computer. The original PCI card that came with the 2408I can be upgraded to a PCIe or PCIx card, you have to go to the MOTU site and register the card/2408 and then buy an upgrade. You can do 24 channels of digital IO, over 3 TDIF cables between the DM24 and your DAW which is great for a studio setup.

Not really what I would consider a laptop solution though.
Did you make the necessary adjustments on the the DM24 to accept TDIF input ??

You said ADAT works, so that must mean you still have the setting left for ADAT

change that to show TDIF-1, TDIF-2, TDIF-3 etc, etc

make sure you have a WORDCLOCK cable connected from the DM to the 2408
(make whoever should be----THE MASTER---the DM24 or the 2408)
and it should work.

I had mine set up this way, with a DM24, then a DM3200, then I just went via FIREWIRE, now, now use for my 2408 MKII

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