Dm24 effects not working


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Feb 8, 2013
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Hi all,

Just joined your forum, I wanted to ask if anyone else has had this issue, basically the fx board seems to broken (as it has been since I bought the console). When I send to the internal fx, all I get back is a very distorted, grainy sound, from the returns. This is most noticeable on any of the tc or Antares fx, it's not so bad on the tascam fx, but still pretty unusable on those too.

If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know,

Thanks in advance,

Reinstalling the firmware comes to mind. The Latest version is 3.0, it's what I would do.
Cheers Will, unfortunately I have no FireWire installed, just running 8 ins/outs via adat. Thanks for the reply though.

Anyone else...?
He meant the board's firmware (not firewire). I'd suggest re-installing it as well and see if that brings things back to normal.
Yeah, i probably should have actually READ Wills' reply before I replied huh! Im not normally so stupid (honest!!)

Ok I'll check what firmware version I'm running. How easy is it to do the update?

I haven't done it in years, but from what I remember you just need to hook it up via midi with something that can do a sysex dump.

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