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    Mar 2022
    I just got a DM24 and put a new screen in it, which works OK.
    The problem I have is that I can't get any output from the phones
    or the studio/monitor. the otutput meter isn't showing any signal.
    I have a good signal going into channel 1 and I know the output meter
    is working, because at start up the LEDs flash briefly.
    Am I doing something wrong or is there a hardware problem.
    It's my first digital mixer, so I'm new to the game.
    All I want to do is Playback through the input channels
    and record to my Tascam SS-R100 from the analogue out.
    Can anyone help.

    OK, silly me. Pulled a cable loose fitting the new screen.

    My DM24 had a faulty screen. I saw a company on E-Bay selling replacement screens
    so I ordered one up. The screen came prewired and with instructions.
    It's an LED screen which is sharp and bright. It is a bit fiddly to fit, you have to remove
    the main operating PCB, this is where you have to be careful as switch caps tend to fall out
    and are a bit arkward to put back. When putting the PCB back, look for misaligned switch caps
    and/or LED's. I had to open mine up again because of a bent LED.
    The screen is sold by, costs £175.00 + postage.
    The seller is really helpful,and will guide you through the complete process.
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