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    Hi all greetings I hope that everyone is well! I have the opportunity of purchasing DM 24 for my studio. I'm currently running 3 mr816 Steinberg audio interfaces in my studio however I'm thinking about picking up this console to use with my computer system however I have questions in regards to see if I will be able to use current software with the console when it's in control surface mode. I plan to run a Windows system.

    Will I be able to use my three interfaces with the unit? Will I be able to use the mixer as a control surface with any software of my choice? Will be compatible with any OS from Windows 7 to 10? I'm trying to battle between picking up a DM 4800 which is going to be significantly more or getting the DM 24 which will be considerably less and price and smaller in my studio. I have a mixture of Samplers and live instruments in my current setup. I appreciate it please let me know the drawbacks to I will have to succumb to if I would have purchased the DM 24. Thanks
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    Does the Dm4800 come with the FireWire card? If so I'd go with that. Plus the FireWire card has drivers thet work with the most recent Mac and Windows OS’s. There’s various ways to integrate your Motu devices if you need additional inputs and outputs as well.