DM3200 Fader Motor Issue


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Dec 5, 2012
Hello all and thanks for your time in advance. Have this unit with firewire, firmware 1.70. Faders 1-8 seem to have recently lost motorized functionality. I have so far attempted to reset the unit to factory settings by entering diagnostics mode shift+1L+2R and resetting. I performed a fader motor test in diagnostic mode and faders 1-8 would not respond. This problem occurs whether or not usb or firewire is connected. Moving the faders still change settings on both the mixer and DAW, but the motors do not respond when switching channel banks or moving faders in the DAW. Leading up to this the faders have been responding progressively more slowly when changing banks, and now have no response. Faders 9-16 and master operate normally. The battery tests good. Would obviously love to have the motorized faders back!

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I also sent a message to this effect to Tascam and they recommended sending the mixer in for diagnostics, which is quite inconvenient, expensive and possibly risky. Is there a chance this issue can be resolved in the software realm, or is it likely a hardware issue? And if so, what board(s)/hardware is likely to be at fault? Perhaps these are questions outside the scope/knowledge level of those who read these boards, but I am giving it a shot nonetheless! I have just only now really gotten to know and like this board, and this is indeed a frustrating setback.

Thanks Again.
I would say it's hardware. Maybe even as simple as loose connector inside your DM.
I am leaning towards hardware as well. I would like to have a look inside the mixer to check for the obvious, has anyone had one of these apart, and if so, what is the correct order in which one would remove screws/panels? Would love to get my hands on some sort of service manual or schematic for this,
So I managed to get the Tascam apart and was not able to find any obvious signs of loose connections or bad solder joints anywhere. I am going to attempt to communicate with customer service to see if there is anything short of sending it back that I can do.
I have concluded that fader board 1-8 (FE-8) is the culprit. After swapping serial cables between 1-8 and 9-16, 9-16 motors were responding to the messages designated for 1-8, with the FE-8 still unresponsive. Upon closer inspection of the board, I found 2 missing (!!) capacitors that had been poorly soldered. The caps are the tiny surface mount type. I am attempting to ascertain the values of these caps, as they are lost, to obtain new ones. Does anyone have access to this information? Tascam has ranged from dismissive to openly aggressive in my attempts to obtain this tiny piece of information as to potentially save me $200 on the new board. I looked at the service manual PDF that is available on this site, but it only shows data for the larger caps. I am in need of the values of C109 and C209 on the FE-8 board.

Thanks much for any help you all may be able to furnish me.

Hola, has sido capaz de resolver? Tengo un problema similar en el canal 4, pero no voy a enviar automáticamente los datos ...

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