dm3200 if-fwdm card and cubase- midi noise

Jul 7, 2014
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hi guys
im getting some weird intermittent noises and pitch changes when using virtual instruments with a midi keyboard in cubase.
for instance i will use philharmonic and while holding down a chord, it will sound great for a few second, then get some static, then slightly shift pitch downward, then return to normal. this happens with all virtual instruments.

im using the mackie control settings, as the documentation says, to set up midi control with my dm3200. (midi in and out channels 5 and 6 i believe) and i have the usb midi keyboard selected specifically instead of midi all.

could this be my board conflicting somehow or does it sound like another issue?
im not super well versed in midi routing etc but i have some great virtual instruments id like to use.

i do have the regular midi ports on my if-fwdm card . should i be using those instead of a usb midi hookup?
any thoughts or advice?
Any MIDI input should work if configured correctly. A separate MIDI interface will at least help you pinpoint and troubleshoot the issue.

In Cubase for the MIDI track you are monitoring or recording on, make sure that the MIDI input to that Track is assigned to your specific MIDI keyboard/controller rather than the default All MIDI Inputs.

Since the DM does use MIDI, if your MIDI instrument track is set/assigned to All MIDI inputs, you are likely hearing the DM MIDI messages being received and played by your selected MIDI instrument when ever you touch a fader or use the DM Mixer.
You should be using the Midi IN on the IF card when using daw!
Chose that as your midi source for the VST in cubase in the inspector window
You should be using the Midi IN on the IF card when using daw!
Chose that as your midi source for the VST in cubase in the inspector window

I would agree with part of that.

Before I went up to Win7, I was able to use my MOTU MTPAV Parallel Port Midi Interface where the driver provided the different midi ports that showed up in the DAW software and I could designate where I wanted each midi I/O to go. I loved this setup. FW card did not have to do much at all and it was perfect. My current machine doesn't have a parallel port, so I now go into the FW card for everything and program the midi interface from the front of the unit.

If you can get a >>good<< USB multiport interface, I say go that route. I have a Korg Kronos with both USB and Midi out and I use the Midi Out port for triggering anything. People get confused and thing USB is faster than the MIDI DIN pin, but they are both the same Baud rate speed as specified in the MIDI Protocol.
hmm ok i am indeed following orders here. im trying using the midi in using my korg triton instead of the usb, have iffwdm midi in selected in cubase for source, and its still making this weirdness pitch shift and noise every few seconds.
im wondering if this is just another part of my issue with the drivers and windows 7 with the original fw card...
thanks for the help so far, going back to investigate the drivers issues and ill come back to this.... ugh
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Good news is you can sell that MKI at a good price either in the market place here or on ebay as many dm24 users are looking for it and they are hard to come by. Will offset your cost to by the MKiiMKii

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