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Oct 31, 2012
Gear owned
dm 3200
on the routing > input screen there are slots for input and return, what are the return slots for and how do you use them? what are common ways people would use those
I think they are meant to be used as 'tape returns' from a DAW, but you can use them any way you like. Input and return can be toggled individually or as a group. Personally I never use the return option, because you loose the fat channel features in return mode.

Unfortunately for DM3200 users, there is no fat channel. :)

However, the input/return slots can be very helpful for those using the board in a multi-track HD recorder or tape scenario. By using the 'Batch Invert' method, every input can be instantly inverted to output and vice versa. So tracking and mixing scenarios can be set up rapidly and repeatedly.

The DM boards have some excellent 'invert' and 'swap' features. One of my favorites is swapping the pan encoders to the faders for writing creative pan moves. The fader lever is far easier and smoother than trying to twist a plastic knob. :)

Those returns aren't one of the simplest thing in your DM. Best way to understand them is to understand the Block Diagram found on you DM's manual.

Whatever you have chosen to route to RETURN may sit there idle without any connection ... just waiting for you to "flip" INPUT & RETURN.
You can select your channel's AUX1/2 source to be what's conneted to RETURN.

Headroom said:
But in return mode you loose dynamics and eq.
Yes. "Return mode" as the manual describes it has only one function: Send to AUX 1/2. You'll loose a lot more than just dynamics and EQ.
im still confused, like what would you route to the return slots? give me a setup example and the signal flow of it please
I too have the same doubt .. I hav dm4800 ..

For Example:
U mean to say that I can route a M\L 1 to returns and when I flip I can get them in My input and send it to my DAW ??
darthfader93 said:
like what would you route to the return slots? give me a setup example

OK. Here's my input routing setup (DM-4800):

CH 1 to 24:
INPUT: FireWire returns 1 to 24
CH 25 to 32:
INPUT: M/L input 1 to 8
RETURN: FireWire returns 25 ro 32
CH 33 to 48:
INPUT: M/L input 9 to 24

As you can see, it's channles 25 to 32 where I'm using RETURNs ... but only for "flipping" purpose. When I "flip" the inputs on CH 25 to 32, I can easily change from "tracking mode" (all M/L inputs routed to channels) to "mixdown mode" (all FW inputs routed to channels).

With using RETURNs as AUX 1/2 source you can create a parallel signal path. Not too far from what you had with "inline"-consoles during analog days.
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