DM3200 with Logic. No sound! Help!!


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Sep 16, 2013
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So basically i'm getting input to logic fine. However sound going from logic back to the DM3200 and out of the monitors isn't happening at all!

The DM3200 is being picked up by logic as an output device and the desk is running the latest firmware. It's just whenever we play something, nothing happens! No levels on the meter unit or anything.

Have also checked that all of the routing on the DM3200 is correct numerous times.

Anybody have any ideas what so ever?!

1: Is sound sent to the output of logic into the firwire driver of the Tascam?
2: Is the return of the stereo signal routed to a channelpair?
3: Is that channelpair receiving signal?
4: Is that pair of channels assigned to the stereobus?
1. Yep sound is set to output 1-2 in logic. Output device is set as the DM3200.

2. The stereo return is routed to channels 17 & 18.

3. As far as i know there is absolutely no signal going to the desk at all. But how do i check if that individual channel pair is receiving signal? (Sorry i'm not massively familiar with the desk!)

4. Both channels are routed to Stereo. (Only the stereo button on the left side of the board is selected for 17 & 18 and not the Direct button)

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