DM4800 and X48 connection via TDIF

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    Hi all,

    so I don't know if this post should be under the 4800 or the X48 category, but here it goes.
    I got myself a X48 a few days ago, I couldn't resist, and I want to use it with my DM4800.
    I'd like to connect the two of them with the TDIF connections since it probably was meant to be that way.
    I mean, the two of them should be made for each other as far as I know.

    From the DM4800 I've routed the inputs from M/L 1 -> CH1 etc.
    Under the output the M/L1 - BUSS 1 -> TDIF etc.
    They have connected to each other.
    In the X48 under Options/System I have adressed that the TDIF in should be used and after that told the X48 to put the input of TDIF 1 - 8 -> Group 1 - 8.
    But nothing happens. I've tried to send a signal from a microphone via the M/L1, M/L9 and M/L17 just to see if there's something going on with the cables, but no. Not a single meter on the X48 is moving.
    The meterbridge on DM4800 is making a whole lot of "noise" when using the microphone.

    Since I'm new to the X48, and to the DM4800 for that matter, I might of forgotten tons of buttons to push but I can't seem to figure out which ones. I've gotten the DM4800 to work with Cubase 11 PRO and also got the MTC to work. But this one I cant solve.

    If anyone of you have got any ideas, please let me know.
    If you need any more information, just let me know

    Thank you all,

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