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Oct 22, 2012
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Hi, I am using the DM4800 in remote mode with logic pro 9. All is going well, however I would love to know exactly how much can be controlled remotely, like can I adjust logics channel eqs or plugin parameters from the tascam? How about locaters or the metronome? If anyone has any kind of manual for this I would really appreciate a copy!
Thanks in advance people!
I'm in the same situation as the OP. There are a lot of Machine Control buttons that seem to be not used in Logic as well. Both Logic and the DM4800 are extremely customisable and I'm wondering if anyone out there is using more desk commands than are specified in the manuals.
I have read elsewhere that you cannot use the fat channel section of the DM4800 to control your plug ins. However, I'd love to find out otherwise!

demon_beats said:
you cannot use the fat channel section of the DM4800 to control your plug ins.!
Unfortunately that's correct. One of the architects of DM3200/4800 told in The Old Forum that it was too difficult to implement 'Flat Channel' to control DAW functions. Don't ask me in which way it was too difficult, I don't know (or remember) the details.

Two caveats: 1: I don't use Logic, and 2: I've never implemented the following:

Far as I can tell, plug in and advanced 'deep' control can be accomplished using the 'User Defined Layer' along with the advanced Midi functions in the DM's Midi Menu. Specifically how this is done, I can't say; but if memory serves, several users have done so. Perhaps they'll chime in for the details.

If anyone knows how to do this I would be eternally grateful!

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