DM4800 crashes Mac 10.8.2


Oct 6, 2012
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So happy that this forum is back!

I'm using a DM4800 with DP7.24 on a Mac Pro and recently updated to Mac OS 10.8.2.
I"m using the HUI mode so that the remote layers work bi-directionally with DP.

It worked fine in 10.6.8, but now when I quit DP, I get a frozen crash on quit.
The cursor and keyboard are unresponsive and I have to do a hard shutdown.

Any advice?
I've read somewhere on the Tascam official site (maybe the European one) that the drivers were not yet ready to work with moutain Lion...I've read it bt I am not a specialist far from that..I wait until they will provide the updating which- according to them - will be released soon...

Ciao Ciao
I really hate I cannot get to the bottom of this since I do not own a Mac.... Sorry...
Thanks for the replies.
After reinstalling Mountain Lion, DP and all sorts of diagnostics, the problem remains.
While using the system, everything is fine, but when I quit DP I get the freeze.
Have to do a hard reboot.
I eagerly await the updated USB drivers.
I'm running Mackie Control emulation from a DM3200 under 10.8.2 with Digital Performer 8 and it works fine. There is probably come other conflict... crashing on quit would seem to be a clue. I'd ask MOTU.
Thanks Jim...
I already went that route.
Nothing else crashes on quit.
MOTU advised uninstalling and reinstalling DP.
Updating etc.
I did it a couple of times to no avail.
I'm still searching for a solution.

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