DM4800 IF-FWDM Mkii Windows 7 Issues

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Jul 15, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I've been happily running a DM4800 for years with windows 7 and Sonar (currently X3). All of a sudden one day....poof! Problems.

I'm having the dreaded glitches, drops-outs, crashes, etc. After running analysis with utils from sysinternals, I discovered that 'System Interrupts' was burning through 10% CPU load, which all seems to go onto core 1. I isolated this to be the DMmkii driver.

I've tried many things including 1394 legacy drivers, reinstalls, etc. Finally I upgraded my PC to no avail.

Currently, I've purchased a new firewire adaptor. This one sits on the PCIe buss, has it's own IRQ and I've managed to get 'system Interrupts' to 2.8% (low buffers/'safe mode 1' operation mode). Unfortunately, CPU core 1 still reads high and the problems still exist - which suggests to me that the issue is not actually the firewire adaptor/if-fw drivers but something in Sonar.

I'd like to try the mkii beta drivers that people seem to be having success with - I just wondered what everyone else gets on 'system interrupts' when the desk is connected in order to determine what normal/nominal values are. I'd have thought 2.8% is low. Just to be clear - all 7 other cores read approximately 10% whilst core 1 is at 40%.

Thanks in advance for all of your time and effort.
Those numbers mean nothing to me. I'd be willing to take a look, but you'd have to tell me where those numbers can be found.

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