DM4800 - no compatible mixer found??

bryan clark

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Oct 3, 2014
Nashville, TN
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Hi everyone, ok i'm updating my rig from 32bit (sonar x3e) to 64bit (using windows 7 ultimate). I've installed everything correctly but I cannot get the TMCompanion to work. it was working perfectly on my old 32 bit system and nothing has changed with the routing, etc. I also have the latest firmware, and latest drivers for everything (Tascam and sonar related). I have the Firewire IFFWDMkII installed and sonar sees it perfectly and the control panel for the card works fine. Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks in advance!
Hey Brian!! Have tried to use the TMC with Sonar at the same time or just the TMC alone?
I too have struggled to get TMC to work on W7:
I never found what caused it, but:
" impression is that the PC needs to see all connections with all the neccesary settings (like the mackie controls), in order to get the TMC running for the first time. After that first time, the TMC also starts when f.i. the fw is disconnected. It seems to me that the PC remembers the settings after the first time install, but I'm just guessing here."
Maybe you can find something useful in the above topic.
I just did a big upgrade my self. Windows 7 Ultimate 32 to 64 along with twice the ram, new processor, and new SSDs for OS and Programs. But my TMCompanion installed without issue. I know that most TMC issues usually resolve to eschew USB connections/cables. You may need to go to your motherboard's website and download new 64bit chipset/board drivers for your version of their board.

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