DM4800 routing Setup for Room Eq Wizard?


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Sep 18, 2013
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I'm trying to measure the acoustics of my room with Room Eq Wizard.

Has anybody used there dm's with this software?

The first step is to calibrate your sound card to neutralise
any colour it might add to the room tests.

I can't get the calibration routing working,REW is sending a test tone
to the dm via the firewire card which is showing on channels 1 - 2 as expected
but I can't get the signal to loopback into the software.

In Dm's routing menu on output slot 1(Firewire card) channels 1 & 2 are set to Slot 1 trk 1 & Slot 1 trk 2 and have direct enabled on the channels.I've also tried buss/direct 1 - 2 with no joy either.I thought either of these would normally cause a feedback loop am I wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated.

"calibrate sound card to neutralize any 'color'?..." :?:

If your Firewire card is adding anything to the signal its carrying, you've got bigger problems to deal with. I suspect The Wizard is suggesting this approach because some folks are using those 1998 vintage 'SoundBuster' interfaces. :shock:

Sorry for the remark, but I couldn't help myself. :confused: And not being familiar with this software nor your signal chain, I can't offer any routing assistance either. Perhaps somebody else can.


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