Dm4800 slot 4 aes card not working properly


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Nov 8, 2012
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I have a strange problem and I cannot get anwer.
My Dm4800 has in slot 1 IF FW card and in slot 2,3,4 has three IF AE (aes ebu) card, connected to 3 different I/O digital converters.
Slot 1,2 and 3 are perfecly working. Slot 4 has a strange behavior. At 44.1/ 48 khz DM is receiving all 8 channel but strangely no out ( and routing is correct, slot 4 has aux1 to aux8). At 96 khz it receives only 6 channels, the first two are completely death like the digital output.

I tried to swap the cards, cables and converters to different slot just to be sure some is not broken, with same results.

I found that someone had problems with the slot 4 in the past with an analog card. But could be me that I missing something. Is there anybody who knows what can I do?

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