DP-006: disappointed


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Jul 6, 2014
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DR-8, DP-006
I have bad experiences with DP-004 & 006 and don't think I will buy another one.

For example
- when you export tracks, the software is too dumb to propose a decent filename (for example the recording file name). This is an obvious feature and doesn't sound technically complicated.
- it would be handy to provide a track CROP function, which is the complement to the CUT function: this allows to CROP, then export a part of a larger recording.

I complained about these DP-004 issues at tascam support, they thanked me for the feedback and would take it into account in future products (read: forget about updates to your current unit). A few years later I bought a DP-006 and found the same problems.

When I bought the DP-006, those same issues were still present, so they just ignored my inputs.

- if you have a too big recording, you cant export it any more.
- there should be a way to cut off the routing from input to output to avoid feedback. in some scenarios, this can be useful, but feedback makes this impossible
- it takes >>>HOURS<<< to export large tracks (or data backups)
- no backlit LCD - this is a pure annoyance

The recorder looks sexy and sturdy and quality, but it's only for beginners. After a while, you will want to move on. It's just a money maker for TASCAM/TEAC.


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