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Feb 7, 2013
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DP 03

My son got a DP 03 and has filled up a lot of room on the card that came with the DP03 out of the factory.

Can we do this:

1 - Copy the progress so far to a computer.

2 - Format a 32GB SD card in the DP03

3 - Then copy from the computer back to the NEW SD card?

He has drum tracks to 6 songs complete on the card - and still needs to put bass, guitar and vocal to the 6 songs on the card.

His current SC card - I think he said has 800MB left. We didn't know if that was enough room - but we doubt it.

He will read the manual on how to copy to the computer - was just curious if anyone had advice - or if we can copy and then copy back to a new card.


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